The Competition Stages

The undergraduate students have to think about the most pressing issue of the beloved city. Then, please consider the aspects that affect the problems, read studies about it, and propose your possible engineering idea to transform your city in 2045. The competition will be conducted in 2 stages :

  1. Essay competition : The students should explain the background of the city, why it is important to deal with the chosen issue and do preliminary engineering design Solution to the problem identified
  2. Design competition:  the engineering solution must be submitted in the form of a video. The content can include 3D modeling of the solution or animation

The essay and designs will be evaluated by competent juries based on these criterias

  • Multidisciplinary, in one group there must be at least two different fields    15%
  • Originality- Essay will be checked for plagiarism    15%
  • Ability to analyse the current problem in a city    25%
  • Feasibility of the preliminary engineering solution based on engineering knowledge    20%
  • Ability to communicate the idea to the greater public    25%

For study case example:

  1. Jakarta without waste 2045

Problems identification: The greater Jakarta has a population of about 10 million people. With such a high population, Jakarta only has one landfill, which can receive up to 7,500 tonnes of waste daily. But this number is if the waste even goes to landfills, data shows that up to 30% of waste does not even reach the landfill and goes directly to the surrounding area. This is a problem that needs to be addressed

Possible Solutions: Make a local/regional infrastructure with specific waste processing  technology. Design an environmentally based solid waste treatment technology innovation with specific target user.

  1. Indonesia without flooding 2045

Problems identification: Extreme rainfall is occurring more frequently (more than 100-yr return period) e.g Recent heavy  floods: 2020 Jakarta Flood and 2021 Kalimantan & Batu Floods. Rainfall related more to the hydro-meteorological hazard

Flood occurred not only in urbanized city (upstream area, less urbanized, etc).Additionally, the waste, social and regulation is a major issues that contributed  to the flood.

Possible Solutions: Implement the  integrated flood management from structural, unstructural and regulation approach. Integration of real-time meteorological information with stakeholders. Increase social awareness related to waste management.

For interested students, please follow the registration steps and the deadlines below:

  • Group of students who must be undergraduate students until June 2022 in related topic (at least 2 different field representative)
  • Applicant register at SIBE’s Conftool Page by putting in the names of all participants in one group.
  • Applicants must submit the 5 page  Essay about the Problem Identification of the project via conftoolby 4 January 2022. The template to the essay can be downloaded via the webpage.
  • Applicant must submit Preliminary Design Video in the form of a link to youtube via the conftool webpage by 28 January 2022

Best entries are awarded: certificate and prize.

  • 1st Prize –1000  USD
  • 2nd Prize – 500 USD
  • 3rd Prize – 300 USD
  • Popular Vote Prize by SIBE Participants – 200 USD
  • Popular Vote Prize by Social Media – 200 USD

Are you ready for the challenge? Please register to our conftool page

See you around and Good Luck !!!