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Vol. 4(2021): Volume 4 Year 2021

ISSN 2964-5670 (ONLINE)

This Proceeding of International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment, contains 56 papers. These papers are presented in The Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment, held by Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung on March 8-9, 2022. The conference is a quadrennial event (held once in four years time), The previous conference held in 2009 (First SIBE), 2013 (2nd SIBE), 2017 (3rd SIBE), and current issue is for the Fourth SIBE, which should be performed in 2021, however due to Covid-19 issue, the Fourth SIBE was postponed and then held in March 2022. However the ISSN for the fourth volume is made as per 2021 as regulated by Indonesia ISSN National Centre under BRIN, since this is a quadrennial event. The upcoming 5th SIBE will be held in 2025 by default.

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Determination of Reflected Temperature in Active Thermography Measurements for Corrosion Quantification of Reinforced Concrete Elements
Suyadi K, Herlien D Setio, Adang S, Ediansjah Z 1-8
Behavior and Design of Reinforced Concrete Walking Columns
H Sutejo, Y C Ou 9-18
Concept Analysis of Earned Value at Construction Implementation Time (Case Study of Package 4 Development Project – APSLC, TILC, DLC, and FRC Buildings Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta)
Novi Andhi Setyo Purwono, Khofifah Adzani Mubarok 19-31
Water saving planning in Menara Cibinong Apartment Tower D (Cendana)
Tiara Anantika, Eka Wardhani and Nico Halomoan 32-37
Evaluation of Technical Criteria for Construction Technology Implementation of Madiun Train Station Based on Minimum Service Standards, Facilities, and Accessibility
Hana Wardani Puruhita, Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, Sachiko Mawaddah Lestari 38-49
Simple Prototype on Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR) Based on Used Plastic with Active Suspension Solution Starter in Domestic Wastewater Treatment
W.B. Suyasa, G.A.K.S.Pancadewi and G.A.W.Sudiartha 50-58
Systematic Literature Review for Lean Construction Method Current Trends and Issues
G Huda and M A Berawi 59-66
The Study of Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes L.) Application in Reducing Cod Levels of Tofu Wastewater Using Batch System Phytoremediation
Nurpita Sinurat, Temmy Wikaningrum 67-72
Sedimentation Analysis in Front of A Submerged Rubble-Mound Breakwater due to Daily and Extreme Waves Simulations
O C Pattipawaej, T O Sihombing, H J Dani, T H Pelawi and H S Sihotang 73-82
Is Rainwater Harvesting the Perfect Solution for Sawagumu Village – West Papua?
Nur Yuni Sujaryanti, Iwan Juwana 83-94
Health Risk Assessment and Flood Hazards in the Context of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in West Java – A Spatial Analysis
K N Alihta, A Nastiti, B S Muntalif, A D Sutadian and E J Sundana 95-106
Estimating Sedimentation Trend of the Wonorejo Reservoir and Dam to sustain the Reservoir’s Useful Life
N A Teguh, N F Margini, M B Ansori and U Lasminto 107-116
Analysis of the Influence of Reservoirs on Effort Jragung River Flood Reduction
Wahyu Prasetyo, Risdiana Cholifatul Afifah, Didit Puji Riyanto, Pranu Arisanto 117-127
Analysis of the Impact of Normalization on Downstream Conditions in the Bringin River Semarang City
Ferdinand Agusta, Indratmo Soekarno, Agus Suprapto Kusmulyono 128-139
Evaluation Level of Accessibility on Malioboro Pedestrian Way for People with Disabilities
Kurnia Nindya Nabila, Nursyamsu Hidayat 140-149
Study the Impact of Sediment Rate on River Morphology Changes and Floods in the Sadar River, Mojokerto Regency
Nora Permatasari, Dhemi Harlan, and Edy Anto Soentoro 150-162
Covid-19 Impact Evaluation and Time & Cost Mitigation Strategy for Oil & Gas EPCI Project
M P B Arisman, M A Berawi and M Sari 163-169
Experimental Study of Wave Transmission in Slope Crest Floating Breakwater
S Rahman,D Paroka, A H Muhammad, C Paotonan, T P Putra, and A Kurniawan 170-175
Study of the Effectiveness of Bekasi Weir Gate Opening to Control Bekasi River Morphology
A Pamungkas, J Nugroho, A Santoso, A R Wibowo, E O Nugroho 176-188
Application of Value Engineering in Basin (Embung) Construction : A Case Study in ITB Cirebon
Fitrah, Allan; Yudha Oktano, Luthfi; Gayatri K. Pradoto, Rani 189-196
Study of Flood Control and Morphology of the Sario River in Manado City
Davidson Rofiano Lombogia, Dantje K Natakusumah, Slamet Lestrari 197-210
Vacuum Preloading of Soft Clays on the Sumatra Toll Road in Indonesia – Field Monitoring Records vs. Numerical Modelling Results
Asrinia Desilia, Endra Susila, Andhika Sahadewa 211-219
The Relationship of Lighting Intensity with Eye Fatigue in Workers at Mekar Armada Jaya Inc. in 2021
E F Ahmad, D E Putri, E C Putri 220-227
Numerical Prediction vs Measured Lateral Movements of An Unstable Slope Before and After Reinforcement by Two Rows of Bored Piles – A Case Study in Kalimantan Indonesia
Fadlli As-Shidiqqy, Endra Susila, Andhika Sahadewa 228-235
Analysis of the Five Pillars of Irrigation Modernization with the MASSCOTE Method in the Macan Irrigation Area.
Ernawati, Indratmo Soekarno, Joko Siswanto,and Yadi Suryadi 236-246
A study on Flood Management With an Integrated Floodgate Operation Pattern at Pepe River in the City of Surakarta
Khoiron, Dhemi Harlan, Edy Anto Soentoro dan Widyaningtias 247-257
Study of Flood Effect as the Impact of Gelis River Morphological Changes in Kudus Regencies
Mahelga Levina Amran, Dhemi Harlan, Agus Suprapto Kusmulyono 258-266
Sedimentation Impact on Capacity and Morphology Changes on Bendung River of Palembang City
Prima, P A , Nugroho, J , Hatmoko, W 267-276
Potential Sedimentation in the Operation Ciliwung Diversion Tunnel
I.F.R. Silalahi, I. Soekarno, J. Nugroho, E. O. Nugroho, B. Heri 277-291
Study of the Effectiveness of Upgrading and Operations & Maintenance (O & M) Rinjani Checkdam on Flood Early Warning System and Lead Time on the Batu Merah River in Ambon City
Putit Tri Bunai, Hadi Kardhana, Edy Anto Soentoro 292-302
Study of Progo River Morphology and Sedimentation of Intake Kamijoro Weir Bantul Regency, Special District of Yogyakarta
M Uzaer, Sri Legowo W D and Isdiiyana 303-315
POI River Sediment Control Post – Earthquake
Elieser Palantik, Joko Nugroho, Arie S Moerwanto, Edy Anto Soentoro and Radia Zulfikar 316-325
The Impact of Upper Citarum Diversion Channels on Sediment Transport and River Morphology
Pravira Rizki Suwarno, Sri Legowo Wignyo Darsono, Suardi Natasaputra 326-333
The Effectiveness of Grease Trap, Carbon Active and Aerobic Biofilter Methods to Clean The Waste Water of The Canteen
Hari Rudijanto I.W, Tri Cahyono 334-341
Study of Hydraulic and Sediment of River Sunter in Flood Management
Ajeng Padmasari, Indratmo Soekarno, Eka Nugroho Oktariyanto, Muhammad Farid, Bambang Heri 342-349
Study of Capacity Improvement of Plangwot-Sedayu Lawas Floodway
Khoirunisa Ulya Nur Utari, Arno Adi Kuntoro, Sri Hetty 350-358
Mac-cormack Flux Corrected Transport Scheme for Simulation of Dam Break and Super Critical Flow in Curvilinear Coordinate System
Bernardus S. Pasereng, Dantje K. Natakusumah, Eka Oktariyanto Nugroho, and Taufik A.G. Zahir 359-368
Participatory-based Mapping as An Approach for Marine and Coastal Community in Protecting and Strengthening Their Aquatic Culture and Ecosystem
Mutmainnah Adenan 369-375
Assessment of the Potential Land Erosion and Actual Accumulated Sedimentation for Carrying Capacity in Bone River, Gorontalo
D A Taruna1, I Jaya, B Kosasih, M B Adityawan, and A A Kuntoro 376-386
Heavy metals in groundwater surrounding industrial areas: a case study in Leuwigajah, Cimahi
W Naily, H Hendarmawan, C Asdak, and S Sunardi 387-393
The Effect of Staging Development Structural Flood Design on Sediment Transport Process Along Bringin River
Ricky Pondaag, M. Cahyono, Hernawan Mahfudz, and Eka Oktariyanto Nugroho 394-405
Study of Cisangkuy River Flood and Sedimentation
Stefan Theophilus, Agung W H Soeharno, Yadi Suryadi and Eka O Nugroho 406-415
Sedimentation Study In The Batu Merah River (Check Dam Rinjani) Ambon City
Bayu Setiawan, Agung Wiyono Hadi Soeharno, Eka Oktariyanto Nugroho, Chandra Hassan 416-430
Analysis of Sediment Transport on Ring Ngotok Canal’s Morphological Changes
Pipin Surahman, Sri Legowo Wignyo Darsono, Agus Santoso, Sri Hardini Suprapti, Ima Sholikhati 431-440
Effect of Barito River on Drainage Performace in Dadahup Lowland Irrigation Area
Dwi Yunita, Mohammad Farid, Setio Wasito, Parlinggoman Simanungkalit, Yadi Suryadi 441-450
Study of Barito River Supply System on Dadahup Lowland Irrigation in Central Kalimantan Food Estate Area
Meilani Magdalena, Mohammad Farid, Winskayati, Joko Nugroho, Parlinggoman Simanungkalit, Yadi Suryadi 451-460
The Groundsill Effectiveness on the Sediment Distribution Along Cipamingkis River in Bogor Regency, West Java
Tasya Asyantina, Hadi Kardhana, Eka Nugroho, Hernawan Mahfudz 461-468
Study on Morphological Change due to Flood in the Tuntang River
Wisnu Hadiwijaya, Agung Wiyono Hadi Soeharno, Eka Oktariyanto Nugroho, Isdiyana 469-480
Analysis of the Effect of Sediment Transport on River Bed Changes of Cengkareng Floodway
Rezky Dwi Nur Cahyani, Muhammad Cahyono, Leo Eliasta, Arie Setiadi Moerwanto, Eka Oktariyanto Nugroho 481-490
Characterizing Ionic Species of PM2,5 Derived from Agricultural Biomass Burning on Paddy Commodity
Aulia Fauziah Lu’ayi, Puji Lestari, Kania Dewi 491-496
The Planned of Behaviour (TPB) Theory Approach to the Participation of Farmers (P3A) and Local Governments in Participating of Agricultural Systems, Case Study : Jatiluhur East Tarum Main Canal, Subang Regency
A W H Soeharno, T Andriana; A P Nugroho; E O Nugroho; A Mardiyono; H Rachmadyanto 497-515
Combination of VRP and Traffic Assignment to Determine the Location of Logistics Distribution Centers
T Junaedi 516-527
Transport Benefit Assessment due to Increasing Capacity Transportation Infrastructure
Maulana Andrean, Sjaffruddin Ade, and Bona Russ 528-538
Hydrological Water Balance Projection in Several Reservoir Catchment
Sartika Rachmawati and Hadi Kardhana 539-549
Correlation between Rainfall, Flow Rate and Phosphate towards Coliform Bacteria in the Way Sekampung River, Lampung
T K Nufutomo, A A Mufti, K Fitriani, M Fadillah 550-557
Study of Loji River Bed Change in Pekalongan City
P Lutfitiana, R P Ramadhani, M Cahyono, E O Nugroho, Y E Kumala, and S Lestari 558-566