Main Topics

The theme of the conference is “Challenges on Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure and Built Environment”.

The topics of the conference cover all aspects of civil, ocean, and environmental engineering practices which include the following:

  1. Disaster and Resilient Infrastructures: natural disaster mitigation and management, smart and sustainable structures and infrastructures
  2. Earthquake Engineering: Geotechnical earthquake engineering, reclamation and ground improvement, geo techniques for transportation and Infrastructure, failure investigation and case studies, and foundation
  3. Sustainable  Construction and Project Management: construction productivity – safety – and risk management, supply chain management, green construction, infrastructure financing, public-private partnership in infrastructure development, infrastructure asset management
  4. Maritime Infrastructure and Coastal Protection: port and harbour engineering, offshore engineering, subsea pipeline, floating structures, material and marine environment, sea defence technology, marine geotechnics, ocean energy, coastal process and modelling, tsunami and mitigation,  coastal management, sea transport and logistics, marine construction management, coastal protection and environmental control.
  5. Transportation System and Engineering: transportation policy and development, transportation planning and modelling, transportation operation and maintenance, transportation economic and evaluation, transportation safety, road & pavement engineering, public transportation, freight transportation.
  6. Water Resources Engineering and Management: river and waterways, irrigation, groundwater, flood mitigation, urban drainage and sewerage, river basin, hydropower, lowland & estuary, land & water conservation
  7. Clean and Renewable Energy: new and renewable energy, clean energy
  8. Water-Food-Environment Nexus: Water quality,  the relationships between water-related sectors, sustainable food production
  9. Climate Change and Air Pollution: climate change, gas emissions handling-treatment, urban air management, air quality
  10. Health, Safety and Environment: water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), environmental health and safety, environmental & health risk assessment
  11. Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste: solid waste and hazardous waste management and technology
  12. Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Engineering: water supply, industrial and domestic waste treatment-recycling, bioremediation engineering